Gallery Placements

Historically I have tended to show and sell my work online but as I grow into making both bigger and sometimes non-functional objects I am finding that well matched art galleries are a great place to showcase these works.

Recently I have partnered with the superb Oriel Glas Fryn and I am sure I will work with others over time. 


I have featured as part of many exhibitions over the previous years. I am currently keeping my exhibition placements quite low-key as I focus on other aspects of my making. 

Here are the placements I have committed to this year;

Wernog Wood Collective
31st August – 1st September 2024
Wernog Wood

Oriel Glas Fryn Winter Exhibition 
Winter 2024 – dates TBC
Oriel Glas Fryn

Pop up ‘Art in the Hall’
23rd November 2024
Cilcain Village Hall